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Resident of Seattle WA USA. Drawing + writing + layout + caricature == comix.

Name Witheld re:Amezquita

Featuring (B. 96) The courthouse was cracking. Metaphorically of course. That Joel L. Bryant met Cheryl P. Amezquita at a gala charity event (name withheld at the organization’s request) is attested to by many witnesses. […]

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Above the Wooden Sky

Featuring (B. 186) The green dragon hovered over him. He knew that the time was near.///How could the Bardo look like this?///His daughter was sitting by his bed. There was so much blue. He could […]

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Charles Canmore == 113

Featured ware (B. 33) He knew what he had to do. It all depended on the delivery. He approached Astrid as she was finishing meditating. He knew he could approach her because she had opened […]

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Hafez 404 Stanza 8

This dust through the car door Whispered through the crack (Just barely open). This car is parked by the throne Brought there by magic. ha! If only magic mended pity, Or even being forlorn. Hafez […]

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Hafez 404 Stanza 9

Head to hand to reason I fell. No beauty to be had, there. But separation is another thorn. Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 404 Stanza 10

Free or clinging Stuck on what? Attracted to gain or pain Fame or blame Stuck but will not complain That poet guy — You may forbid, but this day is reborn. Hafez original, Kevin 21st […]

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Hafez 404 Last Stanza

The sky is not perfumed with pity This time. The poet is looking for foundation, justice, fortune, A liver that’s functioning adequately, For you, this girl To gentle be A pastel morn. Hafez original, Kevin […]

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E.D. 789 Stanza 1

If there was a real self That sure would be uhhh… ample Yikes – I got stung! Heck I got cancer — What a self – believes Emily Dickinson 19th cent., Kevin 21st cent.

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E.D. 789 Stanza 2

If that is the worst, Or maybe there is worse Like those guys and gals in Dante’s Inferno. Wow I’m — convinced? Or maybe I should grieve E.D. 19th cent., Kevin 21sr cent.

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E.D. 789 Last Stanza

So you want to do right You want to be — right In the midst of a crowd If the crowd all agrees We (the crowd) are not ever safe But have a short reprieve […]

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