Can’t you tell from my accent? (flash fiction part 1)

(use browser controls to enlarge panels) #CCS1WeekWorkout  – The Center for Cartoon Studies one week online challenge day one It was a tempest this time. Dane and Ysolde had been seeing each other for two years. […]

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I have been a monk for thirty five years. Nothing has prepared me for the situation I find myself in. I muck out the barn, I shear the sheep, I pray for more faith. I […]

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Holly Ballard Martz Studio Visit 4/20/17

I went to Holly’s studio to give her a copy of “Are You Shauna?” on thumb drive. She is the model for the older Shauna. Her daughter Delaney is the model for younger Shauna. Here […]

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She Was Guilty of *Something* (short story)

Abbey: “It’s a question of fairness.” Pat: “Yes, that’s how I see it as well.” This conversation was taking place in Abbey’s office. A: “I’m glad you see it that way. All of us are […]

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Grendel (short story)

  Deliciously empty, unplugged from the internet, Diane gazed at the bleak landscape stretching before her. Her tent had withstood the night’s wind and her stove was bubbling her morning tea. She was at 6000 […]

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One in Iraq (Flash Fiction)

Looking out over the field I felt empty beyond empty. All the kids have died before me. One in Iraq, two by those pills. What a tragedy to die before your children. One was born […]

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Susan C. Return Visit 10/20/16

Susan returned my studio visit. It was an participatory session, which I think is the most fun.  Here are two still lives she built. Note her profile in back of a kettle drum head.

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Susan Christensen Studio Visit 10/20/16

I visited Susan at her studio just outside gasworks park. She had asked my to drop by to discuss the differences between her drawings and paintings. Here’s a link! to her paintings. Here’s a candid […]

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For the Love of Beverly

Graphics here: link! “You dog! She did it because of you!” “You hog! – no you, buddy – you!” Steve and Brandon were at that stage of drinking where both of them could go on […]

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To: Seattle Parks and Rec Re: Gasworks Park

Dear Parks and Rec, Gasworks Park link!   What a steam punk extravaganza! How long will it be before the tanks start falling down from rust? How about this for a revenue stream? Sell square feet […]

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