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07/18 Flash Fiction

  Aeron Fedelmid “This is my last post/tweet/IM/DM/story/video. Fer reel fokes.” Nikki Raylene had not touched [share] yet. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. She knew she needed to, but as the self help guru […]

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Pix and Flash Fiction 6/18

By Wilton Brownlow “Machete, do it.” Wilton was used to Tarsis’ comments by then. He would order animals (snakes, little climbing things, spiders, centipedes) out of the way or order them to die by knife […]

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Zines coming soon to a retailer (near you?)

Transcentainment Comics is pleased to announce “Not Really An Emotion” and “Are You Shauna?” are available as ‘zines. $5. Retail outlets soon. As always, full resolution images (no download) are viewable on the Galleries section […]

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Pix and flash fic 05/18

  First it was one engine and then the other. At three thousand feet of altitude the left propeller nacelle smoked and then the prop jammed to a stop. The plane shuddered. The right prop […]

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Pix and Poetry 03/18

Flying like the Beatles Psychedelic Who will remember in a thousand years? No elegy. Bronze will be Down down down at the bottom of the sea Lasting forever Green its legacy Which one are you? […]

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Pix and Poetry 02/18

627 Just, True, Beautiful Two out of three is not so bad Which two though? How much would you pay for the third? Beautiful to whom? True from what perspective? We won’t even start with […]

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Pix and Poetry 01/18

  985 My vision turned to black — Couldn’t see a thing So I stopped worrying about my acne. So, so, so there’s a lot of big things Bigger than I am But so what? […]

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Seattle Review of Books February 19 – 25

Our Current Sponsor Our sponsor this week is Kevin Marshall, writer and publisher at Transcentainment Comics. In his latest, Not Really an Emotion, Marshall captures that familiar, haunting moment after waking, the moment when the dense emotion […]

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Instagram 11/2017

See Grendel story post link! Last page of “Not Really an Emotion”. Time for a release party/giveaway/raffle link!   final chord final pic of Isaac

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Giveaway and Raffle 1/20/18

Thanks everybody for your interest in my work. The thumb drives with unlocked pdf’s are all gone.  The online raffle is over. Congrats to “Chuck” Tran, Evelyn Rodrigues and Sheryl Lee who won original pieces of […]

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