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E.D. 789 Stanza 1

If there was a real self That sure would be uhhh… ample Yikes – I got stung! Heck I got cancer — What a self – believes Emily Dickinson 19th cent., Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 7

When we got together – sing, Sing, Sing! If there was a substitute we’d take it (we know there’s not) If there is not a substitute – explain! Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 4

I left the wax in the heater too long. The flame was magnificent. But as a way to make candles, it does not sustain Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 1

176 Grief doesn’t last, joy doesn’t last. That has to be OK. That will not remain, this will not remain. Hafez (celebrated Persian poet) reimagined by Kevin

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Hafez 176 Stanza 2

176 Curse you! that watches me. The curse rebounds on itself. On myself. You may think you will stick around. But it seems you will not remain. Hafez (celebrated Persian poet) reimagined by Kevin

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Pix and Poetry 03/18

Flying like the Beatles Psychedelic Who will remember in a thousand years? No elegy. Bronze will be Down down down at the bottom of the sea Lasting forever Green its legacy Which one are you? […]

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Pix and Poetry 02/18

627 Just, True, Beautiful Two out of three is not so bad Which two though? How much would you pay for the third? Beautiful to whom? True from what perspective? We won’t even start with […]

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Pix and Poetry 01/18

  985 My vision turned to black — Couldn’t see a thing So I stopped worrying about my acne. So, so, so there’s a lot of big things Bigger than I am But so what? […]

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Instagram 12/17

Time heals all wounds Time wounds all heels We thought getting older Would make us bolder Test my trouble Is it worse now in time? You the beholder. No malady. May I be happy, peaceful, […]

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Nobel whut?

NYT says: Bob Dylan, the Newest Nobel Laureate… A Lariat? how’d that happen?

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