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Pix and Flash Fiction 6/18

By Wilton Brownlow “Machete, do it.” Wilton was used to Tarsis’ comments by then. He would order animals (snakes, little climbing things, spiders, centipedes) out of the way or order them to die by knife […]

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Zines coming soon to a retailer (near you?)

Transcentainment Comics is pleased to announce “Not Really An Emotion” and “Are You Shauna?” are available as ‘zines. $5. Retail outlets soon. As always, full resolution images (no download) are viewable on the Galleries section […]

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Pix and flash fic 05/18

  First it was one engine and then the other. At three thousand feet of altitude the left propeller nacelle smoked and then the prop jammed to a stop. The plane shuddered. The right prop […]

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Pix and Fan Fic 04/18

  Fan Fiction based on the movie Phantom Thread CYRIL’S DIARY April 8th 196X R (REYNOLDS) is sick again. I had a strange exchange with A (ALMA) . She was cooking the night before and […]

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Seattle Review of Books February 19 – 25

Our Current Sponsor Our sponsor this week is Kevin Marshall, writer and publisher at Transcentainment Comics. In his latest, Not Really an Emotion, Marshall captures that familiar, haunting moment after waking, the moment when the dense emotion […]

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Not Really an Emotion

“Janelle, it is a picture of a black Klingon Jesus.” “Please don’t call it woo-woo” “Oh no. No sister would call that woo-woo” “It was my Unc’s and I can’t throw it away. He was […]

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Can’t you tell from my accent? (flash fiction part 1)

(use browser controls to enlarge panels) #CCS1WeekWorkout  – The Center for Cartoon Studies one week online challenge day one It was a tempest this time. Dane and Ysolde had been seeing each other for two years. […]

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I have been a monk for thirty five years. Nothing has prepared me for the situation I find myself in. I muck out the barn, I shear the sheep, I pray for more faith. I […]

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Grendel (short story)

  Deliciously empty, unplugged from the internet, Diane gazed at the bleak landscape stretching before her. Her tent had withstood the night’s wind and her stove was bubbling her morning tea. She was at 6000 […]

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One in Iraq (Flash Fiction)

Looking out over the field I felt empty beyond empty. All the kids have died before me. One in Iraq, two by those pills. What a tragedy to die before your children. One was born […]

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