Then the wind – a ruby drop

210 (After Hafez)

If I’m dreaming (again) this cup would not feel so solid.
I could interpret this in a number of ways.
I could go deep into an analysis.
I could pass.
I could be grateful for my fortune.
I could laugh.

Forty years of love, that is not a vexation, but it is a path.
After that – it was an emptiness
Thinking about it – it was a path.
Fortune caused,or was fortune a respite from, desire?
You know the answer – final answer? one half!

Morning grief undermined my resolve.
Stick your finger in luck’s cup
The union with the beloved sticks like taffy.

Cut with a knife, I lift my finger to drink.
Grief overwhelms me but the beloved reminds me:
“You’re not one to complain are you?
Is that a emerald at the bottom of the cup of laughs?”

Vampire at the gates of dawn.
I drink blood on the first day.
I drink blood on the last day.
I drink blood on the day of wrath.

Is there no justice? I’m shutting my eyes to this and that.
The beloved sighs: “there you go again – whining and wanking!”
The loosening is the path.

Who is not a gardener? Who has planted love?
In the cup goes a madder (Rubia tinctorum), blood red of course
Then the wind – a ruby drop – ever in trouble – laughs

Fortune walked by that madder – vampire madder – ultraviolet light is not let in here
Morning grief undermined my resolve
The sigh is the path.

Give thanks and praise poet woman,
The king won’t fish after hearing that ‘loosening’ line
What’s better than a 100 tweets? you do the math.

That vampire queen, blood lusting, in the vampire way
In like a lion, out like a lamb
On that one day of battle she is:
A general consulting her staff

What if a red rose was writing this poem?
Would it use its leaf to write on?
Would birds read it?
You cannot catch old birds with chaff.

The breeze of the garden breathed
Then a golden flycatcher breathed that in
And caught fire!
Who should we blame?
Who caused this tumult?
The kaiser’s crown
The stained flower
Its soul is – one half.


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