Wash yourself in it

172 (After Hafez)

Reading again, that’s a map of knowledge and conduct.
Add praying to the mix and what a sight to behold it is!

How good is emptiness to us, those who are filling themselves
with sense impressions
with memories
with speculations of future memories to be treasured
with clinging.
Unworthy speakers of love’s mysteries are still welcome to be as it is.

Emptiness around us, in us, is us.
Wash yourself in it.
Point to the sky and the evil that lives within men is exhibited.
My heart spun.
I was bewildered, as one often is.

Sing us a song Rock Star!
One that will make us all happy!
A song that will make the heart and eyes, eyes! bleed.
Such a great song – that it is.

Or it’s a story, one that will make us all happy,
Like a floating petal on a stream.
But wait, is that a shadow looming?
Yes, it is.

Or is it a marble statue – clean, cool and beautiful?
Heart beats.
Emptiness is dark and warm – it is!

Divine knowledge gave you no permission to reveal your impurity,
Tell me your tale, not his.

Of course, as a poet, I have an obligation to be a screw-up.
And pass it on.
There is a master who knows all about it and even then, even with what he knows, he is a wizard, a whiz!


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