To: Greg Panter Re: Nightmare Studio

Hi Gary,

Let’s talk about Nightmare Studio. Yeah we’re all going to die. Let’s get that out of the way first thing. I sure wouldn’t want to go out in the manner of Nightmare Studio – those crazy men with hidden shanks. They’d gut me in an instant. I wonder what you’re wearing while you’re wandering about the nightmare, rotten LA. Do you stand out by having expensive clothes? Or are you so grubby all the time IRL (in real life) that you fit right in when in the Studio>

I’ve lived in Louisiana for a number of years. There’s houses there that are waaay too similar to your nightmare house. I hope you never go there. You don’t need to see this stuff IRL.

I do know about giant projects gone horribly wrong. It is far too easy for me to see my whole life that way. And based on your success in the industry and my easy way of life, we’ve got no reason to think so. Apparently we both feel so.

That’s what I get from Nightmare Studio: the imposter syndrome. Someday someone is going to look us in the eye and say “Give it all back. You didn’t earn any of it and it’s time to give it to someone who deserves it. You don’t.” I guess in the world of the Studio we just would,

Because privilege.

I’ve had a similar experience to the one where you see the album cover that is better than real. I’ve been in art exhibits in my dreams and the stuff is just wonderful. It is nothing like what I do IRL and when I wake up I know I saw great things, but I don’t know any details about them, I guess if I had to draw them after waking I might draw a nightmare just out of frustration.

Rest in Peace Bruce Tibbetts, you look like a cool guy.

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