Baton Rouge Gallery Jun 2016

I’m in Baton Rouge Louisiana USA. I lived here from 1969 to 1988. I’m visiting my son and his twin daughters, who are so cute that only a fool would post pics of them on this site. (Never work with children or animals – old vaudeville saying)

I visited the Baton Rouge Gallery link! a contemporary gallery here in town.

The show had four artists Judi Betts, Malaika  Favorite, April Hammock and Michael W. Howes.


Betts is a sort of soft focus fauve colorist with architectural drawing. I suggest she is for the tourist crowd who want something with colors that match the interior decoration.


Favorite emphasizes the black experience. She was in graduate school at LSU while I was an undergrad. I remember her work from then (the 1970’s). She is creating in a similar vein. She uses collage with dresses in this show, painting on top of the fabric.

I like the Matisse faces the best.


The Hammock piece I liked the best. I am such a sucker for Color Field painting. This was too small to be Color Field but whatev’s. It had the least suggestion of figuration of the Hammock works.


Howe. Funky surrealism. How well do I remember it? William T. Wiley is certainly the best at a certain kind of whimsical surrealism. While I was at LSU I had a class with Peter Dean. link! Now there was a funky surrealist!  it was in the air, because abstraction seemed to have run its course and what else was there? My early work had a lot of funky surrealist influences.  Thanks Peter and bless you. It seems to be a Louisiana thing too, judging from the catalog of other Baton Rouge Gallery artists.

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