Susan Christensen Studio Visit 10/20/16

I visited Susan at her studio just outside gasworks park.
She had asked my to drop by to discuss the differences between her drawings and paintings. Here’s a link! to her paintings.

Here’s a candid shot of one of her drawings that we talked about:

Her concern is the stylistic differences between the two media – enough that a casual viewer might not guess that the same artist made them.

I inquired after her theme. We eventually came to the conclusion that her theme varies with the picture because each work tells a story. Those stories can be specific, such as a certain day and incidents or more general and diffuse. The drawings and paintings share this characteristic.

Once that was out of the way, we could now focus on the concrete media differences.The drawings are pencil and pastel. The paintings are oils. I suggested using the drawings as preliminary and make paintings from them. That way she can see the same imagery in the two media and can begin to think about integrating them.

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