Holly Ballard Martz Studio Visit 4/20/17

I went to Holly’s studio to give her a copy of “Are You Shauna?” on thumb drive. She is the model for the older Shauna. Her daughter Delaney is the model for younger Shauna.

Here she is demonstrating one of her pieces in action. One has to pull the trigger to ‘self inflict’. Text is an imprtant part of many of her works.

What I’ve seen of her work has always had high production values. Every piece is well crafted . What I learned is that some of this is a result of putting in long hours. Some of it comes from monitoring University of Washington’s surplus sales.

I expected her studio to be full of manufacturing and handicraft tools. Not really. She is a great improviser and researcher. She found out that when a gun is thrown at an actor’s face it is really made of rubber, so that it does not leave a bruise. She learned how to mold things out of rubber! I’m impressed and I might try it for myself.


trigger happy/ 5,727 9mm spent shell casings/ 60′ x 120′ (photo taken from postcard)



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