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Our sponsor this week is Kevin Marshall, writer and publisher at Transcentainment Comics. In his latest, Not Really an Emotion, Marshall captures that familiar, haunting moment after waking, the moment when the dense emotion of our dreams slips into memory. His protagonist, Janelle, hears the most beautiful music of her life during meditation. Instead of letting it slide away, she’s obsessed with recreating it — enlisting human and inhuman allies to the cause.

Marshall’s niche is literary fiction in the form of comics, merging photography and illustration to tell stories about modern life. On the page, his work is rich, appealing, and engaging, holding the borderlands between comics and collage. The world is strange and complex; his comics give a more accurate report than photographs or words can by themselves.

This week marks the first month of the Kindle publication of Not Really an Emotion. Marshall has several pages from Janelle’s story for our readers this week. Take a look, check out video of Marshall reading excerpts from the story, then buy the book online.



Purchase “Not really an Emotion” here

Selected pages from the book

page 1

    While meditating Janelle ‘heard’ an orchestra. It was the most beautiful music of her life. She was determined to recreate it.

page 3

But she only remembers the feeling, not the notes.

page 5

page 6

She ‘heard’ it again. Flowers rained down on her in her equanimity.

page 8

Janelle contacted a former student. He knows about correlating everything to everything using a super smart program Isaac.

page 9

The rest of the story is available on Kindle or on the author’s website


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