Pix and Poetry 02/18


Just, True, Beautiful
Two out of three is not so bad
Which two though?
How much would you pay for the third?

Beautiful to whom?
True from what perspective?
We won’t even start with Just.
But we — we must — be undeterred.

Tell me
That unnameable — secret
True but not discontented
And it is — preferred

We could call Nature beautiful.
If it had a start or an end.
So we could say: this is nature — and that is not.
Endless things just cannot be beautiful.
And so that unnameable secret — is heard.

So we plead, in a court we cannot understand.
At least as a rational proposition.
It would cushion the blow
If Nature would know
If we could only — get word.

Clinging mocks us — unnameable.
Cheated — but not unfair!
And what if being dead meant
Three out of three

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