Kevin Marshall, living in Seattle Washington, USA.

Here are comics that are as sophisticated as you are.

These comics are as high quality as a coffee table photo book. They are made up of drawing,  photography, other digital processes and are based on Marshall’s literary short stories. The people in the stories are people you could possibly meet. No superheroes, battles and few scantily clad women. The protagonists face the kinds of trouble modern life brings. This includes those troubles that people did not imagine before cell phones, social media and powerful computers

link to kindle titles: amazon.com/author/kevinmarshall

One colloquial name for comics is ‘funny books’. 

Literate means that the words are funny in whatever senses of the word you find them. The prose stories are Marshall’s imaginative creations. Literate also means that the poetic sources are originally from Hafez and Emily Dickinson. Share, remix, reuse. 

Photo-comics. Most of these images originate in a photograph. Marshall takes photos,  draws on photos,  makes 3D models, and uses photoshop in what he believes are creative ways.

The world is stranger and more complex than people often give it credit for. These comics give an abstracted but more accurate report than the photos or words by themselves can.

Short fiction
Plot, character, and setting -> “…who, under the influence of liquor, reveals an important secret…” Sometimes protagonists speak their lines from a panel. Other times Marshall uses block text.

Click! That photo has depth (of field sometimes) do not delete. [photography]
Pencil, crosshatch, pencil, pencil, crosshatch, pencil, pencil. There, those eyes and mouth are smiling serious. [drawing]
Zoom in, rotate to view above, expand object, render……keep it. [3D modeling]
Duplicate layer, erase, erase, change opacity to 30%, Gaussian blur…done! [Photoshop]

“What shall I tell thee? Last night, in the wine tavern, completely intoxicated / Me, Jibril of the invisible world gave tidings how glad” -> “So what? that was me stoned to the bone / and then the Angel Gabriel told me this:”

“If you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be? / Sitting in a tree, wouldn’t you not be whining?”

My final product is a combination of these assets. A comic is sequential art made up of design, drawing, caricature and writing. Different speakers, who may or may not be protagonists, “speak” the lines in the poems. The prose stories are illustrated.

Marshall sees space, surface and light as the foundational objects of consciousness and he uses them to create and dispel illusion at precisely the same moment. What if our shared sensation of the complexity of the modern is nothing but another deep, convincing illusion? What next, if that is true?

Marshall believes that he is doing what M.C. Escher would be doing, should he be alive today and be inclined to use technology. From what I know of his life he would not.