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Resident of Seattle WA USA. Drawing + writing + layout + caricature == comix.

Hafez 404 Stanza 9

Head to hand to reason I fell. No beauty to be had, there. But separation is another thorn. Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 404 Stanza 10

Free or clinging Stuck on what? Attracted to gain or pain Fame or blame Stuck but will not complain That poet guy — You may forbid, but this day is reborn. Hafez original, Kevin 21st […]

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Hafez 404 Last Stanza

The sky is not perfumed with pity This time. The poet is looking for foundation, justice, fortune, A liver that’s functioning adequately, For you, this girl To gentle be A pastel morn. Hafez original, Kevin […]

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E.D. 789 Stanza 1

If there was a real self That sure would be uhhh… ample Yikes – I got stung! Heck I got cancer — What a self – believes Emily Dickinson 19th cent., Kevin 21st cent.

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E.D. 789 Stanza 2

If that is the worst, Or maybe there is worse Like those guys and gals in Dante’s Inferno. Wow I’m — convinced? Or maybe I should grieve E.D. 19th cent., Kevin 21sr cent.

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E.D. 789 Last Stanza

So you want to do right You want to be — right In the midst of a crowd If the crowd all agrees We (the crowd) are not ever safe But have a short reprieve […]

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Hafez 176 Stanza 8 1/2

Back to that bank account – there’s something written about it. Written in real gold and gems. Or not, because it is only people (patterns of interaction) that remain. Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Last Stanza

Poet! Artist! Musician and so on… Keep looking. The wider view says (without a doubt) you’re not in chains Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Wip black & white

Vessel may all beings be free, cellphone stand. Greenware.

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Wip a pumpkin

Wip with eggrock handle on lid.

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