Hafez 176 Stanza 8 1/2

Back to that bank account – there’s something written about it. Written in real gold and gems. Or not, because it is only people (patterns of interaction) that remain. Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Last Stanza

Poet! Artist! Musician and so on… Keep looking. The wider view says (without a doubt) you’re not in chains Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Wip black & white

Vessel may all beings be free, cellphone stand. Greenware.

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Wip a pumpkin

Wip with eggrock handle on lid.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 9

Remember how grief did not last? Why is that? Who set things up like that? How did they, why did they – wait, is there even a they perhaps? Compare, contrast explain! H , then […]

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Studio time.

Lid on greenware.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 8

Sit down and shut up. That’s the way to get help or to be help. Not much in the bank account remains. Hafez original. Kevin 21st cent

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Hafez 176 Stanza 6

Let’s get the whole picture, the wide view. Wide enough that good and bad don’t look so different. Let’s also consult the rulebook, and hope that the rule we want still remains. Hafez original. Kevin […]

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Hafez 176 Stanza 7

When we got together – sing, Sing, Sing! If there was a substitute we’d take it (we know there’s not) If there is not a substitute – explain! Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 5

I got a text message from…. An angel in…. America. “You can’t be unlucky all the time but you can be unlucky again.” Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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