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She Was Guilty of *Something* (short story)

Abbey: “It’s a question of fairness.” Pat: “Yes, that’s how I see it as well.” This conversation was taking place in Abbey’s office. A: “I’m glad you see it that way. All of us are […]

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Susan C. Return Visit 10/20/16

Susan returned my studio visit. It was an participatory session, which I think is the most fun.  Here are two still lives she built. Note her profile in back of a kettle drum head.

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Susan Christensen Studio Visit 10/20/16

I visited Susan at her studio just outside gasworks park. She had asked my to drop by to discuss the differences between her drawings and paintings. Here’s a link! to her paintings. Here’s a candid […]

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I hope you have fun with these funny books. There are no superheroes or battles or scantily clad women. They’re funny in a different manner entirely.

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