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Wip a pumpkin

Wip with eggrock handle on lid.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 9

Remember how grief did not last? Why is that? Who set things up like that? How did they, why did they – wait, is there even a they perhaps? Compare, contrast explain! H , then […]

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Hafez 176 Stanza 8

Sit down and shut up. That’s the way to get help or to be help. Not much in the bank account remains. Hafez original. Kevin 21st cent

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Hafez 176 Stanza 6

Let’s get the whole picture, the wide view. Wide enough that good and bad don’t look so different. Let’s also consult the rulebook, and hope that the rule we want still remains. Hafez original. Kevin […]

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Hafez 176 Stanza 5

I got a text message from…. An angel in…. America. “You can’t be unlucky all the time but you can be unlucky again.” Hafez original, Kevin 21st cent.

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Hafez 176 Stanza 3

If only I could be a bouncer at a fancy nightclub. Or a secret agent. For that reason, outside of the sanctuary, I remain. Hafez original, Kevin 21st century.

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Back in clay studio

School’s in. These pieces continue from last quarter. Veronica from “Ernest Here is a Poet” Cup

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She Was Guilty of *Something* (short story)

Abbey: “It’s a question of fairness.” Pat: “Yes, that’s how I see it as well.” This conversation was taking place in Abbey’s office. A: “I’m glad you see it that way. All of us are […]

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Susan C. Return Visit 10/20/16

Susan returned my studio visit. It was an participatory session, which I think is the most fun.  Here are two still lives she built. Note her profile in back of a kettle drum head.

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Susan Christensen Studio Visit 10/20/16

I visited Susan at her studio just outside gasworks park. She had asked my to drop by to discuss the differences between her drawings and paintings. Here’s a link! to her paintings. Here’s a candid […]

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